Repair and care


kirrillyrose will size your finger and adjust your rings to fit you perfectly. 


Rhodium Plating::

All white gold is electroplated with a very fine layer of rhodium, giving your favorite white gold jewels their bright white sparkle. In the case of frequently worn rings, this plating wears off between 6-12 months leaving your rings looking dull. Rhodium plating is a service kirrillyrose offers, starting from         $45 per ring.  


Restoration work::

In order to extend the life of your most precious heirlooms, kirrillyrose has the right advice and skills to ensure your loved jewels stay in wearable condition.



A wide range of repairs are possible to keep your jewellery in top condition. 



kirrillyrose offers a full cleaning service so you can keep your jewels looking immaculate. 


Contact kirrillyrose for more prices and info.



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